Key Benefits of the Program

Improve Your Networking Skills and Expand Your Reach!

  • Sharpen Your Skills

    Use communication cues to effectively connect, demonstrate your value proposition and position yourself for advancement.

  • Expand Your Networks

    Create strong online / offline networks to expand your reach. Having supportive networks offer more opportunities, resources and growth.

  • Streamline Your Processes

    Make your networking processes efficient and scalable. Develop techniques which save you energy, time and money.

  • Achieve Success

    Upon successfully completing select courses, you will automatically receive a digital certificate of completion.

What You'll Learn

Do not leave your networking to chance. Business networking is an effective tool for reaching and surpassing your professional and personal goals. Develop critical skills and strategies to grow your networks like a pro!

  • Create a workable networking plan

  • Design viable and diverse networks

  • Apply follow up techniques to foster quality relationships

  • Sharpen your communication skills (verbal / non verbal)

  • Promote and market your brand

Meet Your Instructor

Chi Chi Okezie

Your Business Networking Expert

Hi!  My name is Chi Chi Okezie. Offline, I am owner / producer of SIMPLEnetworking, LLC, a consulting firm based in Metro-Atlanta, Georgia, USA. SN specializes in business networking, diversity and inclusion and cultural awareness training. SN was granted a Proclamation for Business Networking Day for November 13th. Our motto is: "We want to change the way you think about networking. Networking is a lifestyle and tool for success."

Accomplished Author

I am also the author of 2 networking books: "SIMPLEnetworking" and"Networking Made Simple". "SIMPLEnetworking" is a travel size guide of 50 practical networking tips. In this book, you will learn how to maximize your memberships with organizations, foster relationships and add value to your networks.

"Networking Made Simple" is a compilation of articles for solving networking dilemmas.  Get key tips for timely follow up.  Understand networking personalities and learn how to navigate through career and professional uncertainties.

I have published a plethora of online networking articles via as a Diamond Expert Author. You can also find me blogging as the "Champion Networker". (Click on the above book images to read an excerpt / purchase).

Helping You Expand Your Networking

Through these courses, you will build your confidence in networking.  You will be able to avoid awkward networking situations.  As well as, heighten your networking awareness for seeking opportunities.  It is important to not only have a strategy for networking but be focused and consistent on executing it.

I am excited to interact with you in these quality courses.

- Chi Chi

Social Proof: Testimonial

Melissa B.

Manager, Atlanta, GA, USA

“Chi Chi is absolutely amazing! She provides tutelage and makes keen observations around the things that you’re doing well. She also offers practical ways to improve your skills and make things better. I’ve been able to reduce my anxiety when attending networking meetings and events by using her excellent guides and tips."

Roger P.

Director, Atlanta, GA, USA

“Chi Chi is an outstanding professional who is truly the best at what she does as a career and networking consultant. I have been utilizing her consulting services for over 6 yrs. at Emory University to teach our graduate level students the importance and intricacies of networking. She has the ability to present information in a very teachable and engaging manner and make it fun for our students. I always receive excellent feedback from our students regarding her training presentations and they express how much more comfortable they feel about networking after the sessions.

Michelle R.

HR Professional, Atlanta, GA, USA

"Thank you Chi Chi Okezie for investing your time. I left today's session with more tools of communicating effectively and genuinely connecting with others - especially when it comes to connecting with fellow professionals on LinkedIn and asking engaging questions. Here's to feeling motivated and committed to relationships that can flourish!"

Rico P.

Trainer, Atlanta, GA, USA

"...that investment with Chi Chi will create opportunities you never thought possible. Just the small adjustment in how you ask questions positions you as someone worth speaking to."

Jodi-Ann W.

Manager, PwC

"The course was clear, straightforward, and gave actionable steps to take to build authentic relationships which is the foundation of effective networking. Additionally, Chi Chi organized the training materials well using word-association teaching techniques to help her clients remember networking tips, had reflection worksheets after each module to help increase awareness and to develop personalized networking plans while the content was still top of mind, and she used effective infographics to summarize information."